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Quito Gay Guide

Matrioshka (disco): Pinto 376 y Juan Leon Mera, located in the heart of Quito´s night life. For me the best place to go, a bit small and unconfortable, but still a decent place that is worth giving a visit. You won´t find much people before 12:00 PM.

La boca del lobo (cafe): Very nice decorated (alternative) place to have a coffe and chat. It´s gay operated and own but a lot of straight people visits it.

Bohemio (disco): Baquedano 188 y Juan Leon Mera, better known as El Hueco for a reason I don´t really know but I can infer it and I´m sure you would as well if you visit it. Though to say the truth I just visited it yesterday and I can tell that the place it self is really spacie and confortable, I liked the music, (from, pop, to rock, to latin music). You would fine people for ANY kind of taste. The place is popular from 2AM onwards.

Rincon de Sicilia (restaurant): 6 de Diciembre 4745, A gay friendly restaurant that serves international food, good and not cheap.

Cafe Habana (cafe): Juan Leon Mera 134 y Calama. Latin music disco, gay friendly though straights are usually more than gays.

El Cafecito (cafe/hostal): Cordero 1124 y Reina Victoria, a gay friendly place. In front you found a small cafe that serves food as well, on the back there is a hostal.

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